Culture Shift Listening Behaviors among Adolescents and Young among Hedonism

If you are willing to momentarily stop the rush to make the coursework or discussion about a subject, either if we become more critical to observe the behavior of young adolescent tendency today is certainly interesting to think about together.

The more rapid trend of capitalism and the conglomerate of certain elite quantitative growth of entertainment venues and shopping malls is growing like mushrooms rainy season. This phenomenon is directly or indirectly affect the culture and lifestyle of the young teens today. Cultural shift began to infect the young teenagers without compromise and a massive exodus of young teenagers thinking paradigm, from eastern culture to western culture. You can see the young teen hedonist bersliweran with various fashion hair fashion tank top or junkies, and other digital tools. Climate society is now far different from past community. However, if we examine this phenomenon further that young teenagers have fallen into the euphoria of pop culture. Furthermore, young people are supposed to be a gay teenager significans even fall into the superficiality of life.

This is only invites readers to contemplate the impact of globalization without having entangled into the mainstream superficiality of life post-modernity and how it does not undermine the positive values into our cultural heritage.

Teen Pop Culture Euphoria: Fruit Globalization

Man must change. That's the fundamental thing that should be considered together. It is true Praise be to Allaah man with all the culture and sense budinya should be developed as optimal as possible, because it will further advance its position mengkokohkan Creature earth as God is perfect than other creatures.

This time, the man turned toward the timeframe kontradiksional with previous phases, namely phase of globalization. On the one hand man is expected to evolve toward a more modern direction, both aspects of technology, law, social / social welfare, politics, democracy, and all other systems should be enhanced. Technology field of informatics, medicine, biotechnology, and transportation has developed so great to overcome the limits of space and time.
However, it should not be forgotten that human development results are relative and ambivalent. Negative effects of globalization is the euphoria of pop culture, free trade, the marginalization of the weak, and the emergence of gaps relations antaara the rich and the poor. These results have established a new culture for the community, especially young teenagers become men who are trapped in the flow of pop culture.

Life appreciation that more shallow dikalanagan Teens

The illustration at the beginning of this paper are just a few deskrispsi which proves the existence of trends in modern humans. There are many other examples as a result of globalization. young teenagers today prefer to read comics or play games instead of having to read quality books. Reading with depth of analysis and quality novels only a small part of their priorities, such as reading materials that touched only if forced to or because of academic demands.

You can dodge that these symptoms is an adaptive form of the development of civilization. But that is rationalizing. Actually, the human tendency today is not simply a problem with the times but this is a matter of pride and appreciation of life.

The most striking evidence is the television, many television shows are increasingly distant from the ideals of journalism, even legalizing the culture of violence, instanisasi, and other forms of criminality. Most of the TV we are just getting mendangkalkan nature of human affective. Impressions of natural disasters, poverty, war, famine, the invention of technology, learning culture, and so forth have made the human affections are not sensitive to it. There is no mental and intellectual processes further. Appreciation for the noble values increasingly reduced.

The existence of young teenagers just placed on temporary admissions, for example, an adolescent is considered its presence there when these adolescents enter into motorcycle gang members, using branded clothes, using blueberries, clubbing, clubbing, doing freesex, ngedrugs, and so forth. The existence of young teenagers just appreciated the extent of ownership and status only. If sedimentation is constantly maintained and cultivated among our youth, the meaning and respect for human beings even further. The result was the disappearance of respect for other human beings, for example: war, rape, commercialization of organs, trafficking, brawl, etc.. These examples are an indication of the destruction of a culture that starts from a shift in cultural values among youth in our youth. The impact is very sad and alarming!

Solution: Internalization

As previously disclosed that the human being as homo significans, essentially making man as man giver of meaning. Kick the most powerful way to overcome the superficiality of life post-modernity is the deposition or internalization. Internalization is the process of re-interpret the meanings of life. The meaning of life which had been valued superficially, this time dug up and dive.

There are two methods of internalization are offered, namely the culture of reflection and silence. Both are mutually complementary and can not be separated if going against the flow of pop culture. Reflection requires silence. Silence can be achieved when people reflect. Etymologically, the reflection comes from the Latin verbum compositum re-flectere, meaning among other things, turn, turn, restore, reflect, and think. Presumably, the last two meanings that are suitable for defining the reflection within the framework of this reflection. Reflection is an attempt to look back at something in depth by using the thoughts and affections to find a noble values which can then be used as live stock. Euphoria in the globalization of pop culture offers so many things that just end up being without any impressions that can be experienced. With a culture of reflection, these impressions can be deposited. In one by one negative and positive experiences can be analyzed, considered, it was concluded, and finally deposited in conscience. It is this process that makes young teenagers to realize the good and bad an attitude. In this process also the young teenagers are invited to follow the experiences gained, so it appears the values of each event is experienced, and of course these values can be life provision further.

The role of reflection in this framework as well as a prophet, to remind all the prohibitions or commandments of God is taught. Reflection plays a critical function in young adolescents. When he experienced silting life values in the form of pragmatism, blind conformity and so forth. Reflection shows his guilt, and directing to the right.

Therefore we as young teenagers should be able to change ourselves into human beings that are meaningful to other people through attitudes and daily behavior. This effort can only be achieved through personal effort rather than someone else, there is a saying do not change the other person before you can change yourself. Congratulations O reflect the teens ... !

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