Performing Repairs Keyboard And Mouse

1) Step - steps to make improvements Keyboard and Mouse

To make improvements peripherals, there should be early diagnosis of damage to the peripheral. Then determine the corrective measures well, and do double-check your peripheral functions to see the results of these improvements.

a) Keyboard

There is some damage that may occur on a keyboard that is:

(1) Keyboard not detected by PC

Damage that often occurs on the keyboard is not known by the computer keyboard. At the time of the boot process, the computer suddenly jammed and the error message "Keyboard error or no keyboard present". The message means that during the boot process, the computer does not detect the keyboard. If there is anything like the above, you need to do is:

- Turn off the computer and check whether the keyboard cable is properly plugged into the CPU.

- If you need to remove and then re-plug the keyboard cable to make sure that the connections are correct.

- If the computer is turned back, and the error message still appears, the first possibility is a faulty keyboard.

- Try with another keyboard to ensure that the keyboard is damaged.

- If replacing the keyboard with the error message still appears, it means that instead of the keyboard is damaged. But it could have the keyboard port on the motherbord damaged.

(2) The second problem occurs on the keyboard

Other damage that often occurs on the keyboard is often stuck to the keyboard keys is pressed, or a keyboard button and hold depressed. It may be caused by dust that has accumulated on the sidelines of a keyboard key keyboard, causing jams. To fix this, need to do the cleaning on the keyboard. The keyboard can be cleaned with a siphon or spraying them with a vacuum cleaner or can use a brush. And also can be cleaned using a cloth moistened with cleaning fluid or alcohol. Remember that the cleaning process should be done when the computer turns off and the keyboard is detachable from the port.

b) Mouse

There is some damage that often occurs in the mouse are:

(1) Mouse not detected by PC

The problem that often occurs in the mouse is not recognized by the computer mouse. At the time of the boot process, the computer display a message that windows does not detect any mouse connected to the computer.

The first analysis with respect to the message the mouse cable is not connected properly. To perform repair procedures performed:

• Turn off the computer. Check whether the mouse cable is properly installed. If you need to pair off and return the mouse to convince his connections. At the time of removing and installing the computer mouse are switched off to avoid surge.

• After that, restart the computer. If the error message still appears, do further analysis.
The second analysis is the possibility of damage to the driver that connects the system with the mouse. For that we need to re detection automatically with windows drivers through device manager.

Steps taken:

• Right-click My Computer on your Windows desktop
• Select Properties>> Hardware>> Device Manager. Will display a dialog box
• Click the mouse by using the keyboard with the help of the Tab key.
• Remove the old drive mouse by using the Remove button.
• After that, restart the computer.

If the connection and the mouse driver is correct but the mouse was not detected by windows, there is the possibility of faulty mouse. Or then try with another mouse, whether it was the same. If still keep it that way, means the port PS / 2 was damaged.

(2) The mouse pointer that often cavort

Another problem that often arises is that the mouse pointer jump around randomly so that the wearer difficult to use the mouse properly and precision. In this condition, most likely due in large parts dirty mouse ball. Because the components of the ball in contact with the mouse pad that is not always clean.
Steps to address are:

• Open the cover on the bottom of the mouse ball by turning 900 degrees.
• Remove the ball and clean with warm water or alcohol, and brush with a brush, then dry.
• On the inside of the mouse can be observed the existence of three wheels. Two large and one small. Dirt on the components need to be cleaned. Likewise, the dirt on the teeth and ball bearings. Perform cleaning with caution so as not to damage the components inside.

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