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The young people now what was still able to watch all-night wayang performance let alone take the play "Anoman Maneges", precisely the time when science-old men are spoken mastermind or released before dawn. When young children are fast asleep. And increasingly more and more engrossed in the morning, the mastermind answer questions Anoman, mbeber kawruh secret. Try mas Surya who tells another story fun for sure.
UNESCO on November 7, 2003 had LEATHER PUPPET SET that is Indonesia's cultural heritage. State Minister of Culture and Tourism I Gede Ardika said, since 7 November 2003 and Organization of Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has recognized the puppet as the World Master Piece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Kumbo Karno Autumn

This is a standard story Ramayana is very popular and very popular with lovers of wayang kulit, circa 80's Ki Anom Suroto held Kumbokarno Autumn play and immediately got a good response from the community. Even at that time record sales are in demand and I am one of them has a tape recording but the father who bought hehehe ... ....
Immediately, the story Kumbokarno Autumn ... ....

The dispute between King Dosomuko By Prabu Romo Wijoyo The resulting Many Victims of the Fall In the field Dosomuko Match Making Makin King growled. Because only against smaller monkey troops dosomuko the average forces are very powerful giants did not win the battle. Will Dosomuko Patih subsequent Prahasto advanced alone to the battlefield, but at the request of the Son Alengka Forward To Dosomuko Do not let itself face the forces Prabu Romo Wijoyo. So with the permission of King dosomuko four sons Lanka (Trisirah Trinetro ... .., .. Trikoyo, Dewantoko) forward the war against the Monkey King troops Wijoyo priest, Alengka ahirnya The four sons go to war with the blessing of King dosomuko, but the ahirnya the fourth son of Lanka King died fighting forces romo Wijoyo. The more furious King dosomuko lost four sons and wanting to go up against the forces of persuasion King romo but meek (Pulontani) for dosomuko King told his sister (Kumbo Karno) to fight the monkeys, who were told to wake And Indrajitlah Raden KUMBOKARNO a longer sleep in the mountain asceticism Goh Karno, After the Wake KUMBOKARNO come to call his brother King Alengka top Dosomuko. Arriving at Alengka KUMBOKARNO troops ordered to fight against King Romo After Eating given, however Kumbokarno Dosomuko Reject So Angry And throw. But his return KUMBOKARNO His son came to Lanka to follow Bapaknya.n Because cunning Dosomuko Maju Putra twin KUMBOKARNO Eventually, the war and the resulting KUMBOKARNO Fall Forward war against the enemy, but in its war against the King Father KUMBOKARNO not Wijoyo Namu against the enemies who had invaded his country, in Raden Gunawan Wibisono trip that has become Sodara Prabu Romo came and menanyaka maksut brother who advanced to the battlefield, after KUMBOKARNO explain maksutnya ahirnya Raden Gunawan Report to the King Father And Telling her brother Raden Lesmana To Fight KUMBOKARNO. With the most terrible magic arrows could kill Eventually Lesmana Raden Raden KUMBOKARNO, and Autumn became kusuma nation ... ... ... ...
Thus the story of autumn kumbokarno apologize if wrong in writing the story does not match the autumn KUMBOKARNO original story

Dhedet Pratama

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