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Honestly, if there is a garbage man to contribute every day for the sake of public health, yet we certainly know the man. After all, that person is not famous. Plus, what he does is of trivial and disgusting. So remehnya, ABG children claimed by the words "very important ga snack."
And honestly alone that we also do not want to know that there might exist in the interior of the teachers who have a high dedication has died in his devotion. They may slip into the river while crossing the raft, struck down the school building materials that are already fragile, or perhaps because his salary was not enough to feed 2 times a day.

But honestly, yes, we are certainly familiar with Manohara. Pretty girl the other day that often appear in the media because of differences with the Sultan of Kelantan, her husband. Honestly too, that we are familiar with Michael Jackson, and we sympathize for her death recently.

From the honesty that we express the above, we can see that there are differences in our brains when looking at and perceiving people. It may be that our views are different it is proof that we are not fair. We would rather see people who are nice, rich, prestigious, well-known ...
But, if we do that, actually that's not entirely our fault. We have had an unfair view because our view has been shaped by the media. Whatever the communication expert opinions on this matter, I'm sure the experts would not be denied that the media has a role and influence in shaping attitudes, behaviors and our views. The media, both print and electronic media, has a terrible effect on us in seeing a reality.

Almost all media have an ideology. Sometimes there are ideological differences between the media. But there is an ideology that must be the same, namely the ideology that the media wanted to gain acceptance from the community (public acceptance). Because of the desire to gain acceptance from society, the media broadcast what is preferred by most people. This so-called popular culture.
So if we, as a society, do not like the smell of the soap opera of education, then no media will show the education-themed soap opera. Why would they publish? After all will not be sold. Even the media can be a big loss. No ads enter. Ads also do not like education. Ads are also ideological.

Popular culture embraced the principle that what is loved by most people, then that which received support from various parties. Naturally, if a movie or a lot of love songs appear in the media, it's because people like it. Naturally, if the movie or the scientific and patriotic-themed songs do not sell, because people do not like it. Perhaps popular culture is a subsidiary branch of the ideology of capitalism. And the mindset of public acceptance was a twig.

Fuss, when there is a Presidential candidate who we think is intelligent, honest, dignified and pro-people, but physically ugly, short, bad speech, could be a candidate for president was defeated. Why? Because he is not supported by the majority community. Is not our society prefers to things that are explicit-priori-simple? So which is considered generally limited to his physical. If this is a community-supported definite candidates for President are handsome or beautiful, good looking, quiet, and of course the handsome, though a candidate for President was stupid seven generations, corrupt and clever to pretend for the sake of pleasing the public.
This is dangerous right?

Dhedet Pratama

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